Our Expertise

We love what we do. Sustainable know-how.



  • Campaigns, Project development, Storytelling, Online marketing

    Our strategy department operates as PR agents to actively generate new ways for our customers to reconstruct the social ecological transformation into a sustainable world. Our toolbox of methods is packed with a variety of techniques and expertise. These unique and playful practical communication strategies will suit all of your PR needs.


  • Corporate Design, Branding, Infographics

    Convince them with your conviction! Our design studio assists projects with their initial launch and brand development. Offering clients values and providing direction.

  • WEB

  • Web Design and Web Development with Python and WordPress

    Our web department provides all the services of an internet agency. We take care of the whole process. We offer continuous support from the conception procedure through to the final website. Your dependable contact from the word go.

  • FILM

  • Tutorial Videos, Campaign Films and Animations

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every idea could be expressed through pictures? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In our animation studio we can present complex solutions with 25 pictures a second. Telling stories and putting people into motion is our business.

The sustainable media agency

Sustainability: Our vision is a good life for everyone


The basis of our engaged business is built upon the values of the economy for the common good:

  • We respect people’s dignitiy
  • We campaign for global fairness and solidarity
  • We live in an ecologically sustainable way
  • We demand social fairness
  • We exercise workers’ participation

Our principles of sustainability determine our choice of clients as a media agency and our personal relationships with one another. Under the careful analysis of the ‘common welfare balance’ here we publish the results of our entrepreneurial sustainability ‘report for the common good’.

Report for the common good 2013 (PDF, german only)

Team & Sustainable work ethics


Sustainability begins in the heart

We will get your heart racing and motivated with our contagious enthusiasm. Having a good laugh once in a while does wonders for the spirit. At the core of our high standard communication agency is the individual well being and personal development of all of our staff. Collectively generating our aspiration for sustainability in ecological and social consciousness.

Trust in sustainability

Attentiveness, cooperation, trust and appreciation are just some of the central values of our Berlin media agency. We are honest with one another. We look after the interpersonal relationships and reflect regularly on our working relationships. That’s how we achieve a great working atmosphere for every single colleague, we are constantly support one another. Together, as a media agency, we promote sustainable social ecological transformation.

We keep going to keep others moving

The recipe for our everyday lives in our Berlin advertising agency is concocted with a splash of fun and big spoonful of openness. We never want to have the feeling of being that hamster jogging around and around in its wheel. Regularly we’ll take a breather, reflect and relax. Then we’re back with re-charged batteries, new ideas and ready to confront all the challenges of a sustainable media agency.