Simon Reichenbach

Simon Reichenbach studied communications design and is a co-founder of Sinnwerkstatt. To begin with he was responsible for the graphic department of Sinnwerkstatt. However, after 2 years he switched to the film department and is happy there as an art director and animator. He is at Simon Liedtke’s side advising him helpfully with all management related decisions.

In nearly all of Sinnwerkstatt’s animations projects, Simon plays a role as animator. The most interesting projects for him were the videos for Oxfam, Viva con Agua, DKH, Greenpeace and Ostblockschlampen. Alongside animation he acts as an art director in projects such as „start green“ and the“Playground Festival 2012 and 2013″. He also acted as animator, art director and project leader for the land matrix.

Whilst studying communication design Simon took on many freelance jobs. He brought these clients along with him when he co-founded Sinnwerkstatt. Since that very day his sweat and blood goes into his work at Sinnwerkstatt.