Sascha Narr

Sascha Narr, born 1984 in Berlin, has been working for Sinnwerkstatt since 2013 as a backend web developer in the web department. He mainly works with Python and Django implementing the frontend data and at the same time connecting with Ajax and jQuery.

At Sinnwerkstatt Sascha gets his teeth stuck into concept creation, modeling and programming of the backend. His work ranges from smaller websites to more complex web applications. He was crucial for the conception and programming of the new computing platform network „Wachstumswende“. The project „“, which was born out of this platform, has Sascha on board to solve all the complex structural issues behind the scenes and make sure that the technical side of things runs smoothly. When it comes to small websites he works intimately with the project leaders and frontend, for example, with the implementation of the Yooweedoo competition and the junior science cafés.

After going abroad to Melbourne, Australia for a semester at RMIT he completed his studies at the TU Berlin and began working as research assistant at the research institute DAI Labor at the TU Berlin specialising in machine learning. His focus was upon the further development and implementation of machine learning processes specific to natural language processing, particularly the sentiment analysis in social media.