Dr. Michael Mischke

Michael Mischke is a strategy consultant for technical communication, information architecture, storytelling and interface conception / user experience in the strategy department of Sinnwerkstatt GmbH. He’s our go to man between customers, designers and developers acting as our in-house user experience concept developer. He outlines the strategic conception of inter media conversation for the end user and writes the story that brings all of these products together.

In the past Michael has been responsible for the analysis and categorisation of a comprehensive founder database. He also carried out the project to visualise the data. He designed the infographics for the founder portal „start green“. His crafty hand also played an important role in the interface conception of wechange.de, a community and collaboration computing platform for participants of social ecological transformation. It is upon this platform which he moderated the founding procedures and user cooperatives.

Michael Mischke studied mechanical engineering in Chemnitz and has 10 years experience in working for major companies. Until 2013 he was group leader and project manager in the business research department of the Volkswagen group. He used to organise and moderate innovations processes and was responsible for the construction of a variety of research vehicles and their in-house commercial marketing. Following on from this he worked within a range of areas as story-teller, creative consultant and collaborations and information manager. In cooperation with AUDI AG and TU Chemnitz Michael received his PhD in engineering in 2008 with a summa cum laude after specialising in multi modal interface concepts.

In his spare time, he travels. Being on the road awakens his senses, revives a trust in nature and people as wells as improving his ability to improvise. He loves discovering the Balkan countries and eastern Europe as well as enjoying music and eating good food.