Eraldo Helal

Eraldo Helal, born in 1985 in Linz, Austria studied business informatics at the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. He sees himself as a mediator between human, task and technology. He has taken a role on as developer at the media agency sinnwerkstatt GmbH working with them on sustainable solutions since 2015. Every customer request needs a back up of logical implementation; Eraldo is the man for the job.

So far at sinnwerkstatt he has been responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of “Mein Hotspot” a provider for hotspot solutions with advertisement impact and legal protection. For the development of “startgreen”, a green economy founder portal, he introduced a voting system for an award for financial support for start-ups.

For many years now he has been working with technic, technology, organisation, personal development, motivational psychology, leadership and dance. With the following activites he keeps himself sane:

  • Board member of “Thinkfarm Berlin” – Sensible action for a sustainably ecological society (since 2015)
  • Developer at sinnwerkstatt – a media agency for social ecological transformation (since 2015)
  • Dance teacher at Zapatissimo Dance School – a dance studio and school for Latin American and African dance (since 2015)
  • Founder and CEO of “CoLegend” a social intelligence personal development platform (since 2014)
  • Coach / Trainer in personal development and potential discovery (since 2011)
  • Founder / CEO of “Devlol” (Developer Lab of Linz / Entwickler-LaborLinz) – an association for the promotion and research of technic within society (since 2012)
  • Show dancer / Choreographer “own style dance” – dancer collective (since 2008)

Tools / Methods / Talents:
Neuro linguistic programming (NLP Master), getting things done (GTD), non-violent communication training (NVC), authentic communication (Radical Honesty), quantified self tracking (QS), organisation (Holacracy, Sociocracy), web development (Python, Django), dance instructing (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), game psychology (Gamification) and many more…