Business for the Common Good

The Berlin media agency that recognises the values of an economy for the common good

The foundations of our engaged business are built upon the values of the economy for the common good:

  • We respect people’s dignity
  • We campaign for global fairness and solidarity
  • We live in an ecologically sustainable way
  • We demand social fairness
  • We exercise workers’ participation

Our principles of sustainability determine our choice of clients as a media agency and our interpersonal relationships with one another. Under the careful analysis of the ‘common welfare balance’ here we publish the results of our entrepreneurial sustainability ‘report for the common good’.

Gemeinwohl-Bericht 2013 (PDF) – only available in German


A sustainable co-working space in Berlin

Sustainable change is fed by variety. We don’t want to experience this eco-social shift alone in our Berlin media agency. That is why we founded the Thinkfarm. In 2014 we opened up a co-working space with around 40 budding enthusiasts.
The people of Thinkfarm have created an organised working and learning space, in an attempt to collectively work on a society which will perform for us in the future. This shared office space, with around 55 desks, is a large network of socially and environmentally engaged initatives, sustainable businesses, NGO’s, freelancers and scholars. The synergy formed between all co-workers rewards us in many ways – gathering up more experiences for an eco-social transformation as well as expanding our social network.


Our Story: Sustainability with passion and trust

Passion and trust are core values in our sustainable advertising agency and both tell a long story. The founders Simon. L, Simon. R, and Ian were childhood friends who as teenagers used to rock in a band together. At the end of their school careers all three followed their passions, Ian – film, Simon. L – webdesign and Simon. R – communications design. They gained a lot of experience in your bog standard media agencies and corporates, all to find a world within which none of them wanted to work: exclusion, time pressure, power structures and exploitative hierarchies. Sinnwerkstatt media agency was established as a culmination of quests for alternative solutions and more sustainability. Sinnwerkstatt became a place of trust for those who want to generate passionate work to create and shape a future sustainable world.